Jaren 90-2000

In 1988 my dad died, my grandmother Dina has made the 97 years the 06 February 2008, Emilio's uncle and aunt Laura, even if they changed jobs (they have created a flourishing company mechanics) have never left their home in the camp and have always cultivated their friendships in the camp itself. I have been running for 28 years with the help of my first son Paul, then 14 years of my son Franco and tried to keep it efficient with continual upgrades also struggling against obstacles of local politicians.

Between 1993 and 1998 we reconstruct 20 bungalows and replace them with modern facilities equipped with toilets and rebuild the home inherent in the camp with a very substantial financial commitment. Following all'allacciamento of our water system, sewage-treatment plant to the city in 2002 and the advent of natural gas for which we have literally gutted much of the terrain, redo all the paths with a fixed and durable flooring and create a small but functional and appreciated playground for children. In the fall of 2006 we replace the last 3 wooden bungalows with 3 other, less expensive of the other 20, but very cute and functional.

The years pass fast: clients and friends, aides and associates follow each other, many are lost, many are captured, many come back years later, many are often in touch with us or with other friends of the camp. Many names, many faces and many voices echoed inside me. The memories of a life intensely lived in contact with so many people, being on vacation, to forget troubles and worries, our commitment to ensure the possibility that a reality if only for a few days remain in us and come with me and all members of my family for the camping and Camp we have lived.

The regular customers create the historic "GAM" (group Gefara friends), still active, that without profit, with the cooperation of everyone, volunteers and clients we Managers, parties and games are also open to all guests of the moment, to make more pleasant the stay in camp, cultivate friendships and socialize.
Fixed events are planned including the opening of camp in the spring; its closure in September, before the opening of schools, with lunch, raffle and a fishing competition (the mythical "cavedanera"); lunch mid-summer (15 August, Italian feast of Our Lady) with a long table that stretches from the bar to the lake. Each season dates are established as appropriate for a raffle, games and competitions for children, tournaments, playing cards, musical entertainment and karaokey.

From April 01 2007 leaving the industry to my son Franco Manfredi that with the help of his wife, is proving to be up to the administration: they are highly respected and loved. The birth of their little Ravi, occurred on 02 September last year, can only be a good omen for the consolidation of the future of our beloved CAMP GEFARA which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary.


Campeggio Villaggio Gefara
Via case Sparse, 230 - 22013 Domaso (CO) Italy
P.IVA 03025820139
tel. +39 0344 96163 - email: info@campinggefara.it

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