Years 70-80

The enthusiasm and commitment abound: everything must be done to make your holidays pleasant and comfortable to us, so hopefully, future customers. Warm hospitality, availability and honesty, the rationale has always been in our family (traditionally family of hotel until the outbreak of war) can only encourage the growth of an increasingly loyal customer base.

My grandmother, Ida, died in 1968, great cook and our undisputed educator and guide, who lives with us, decided the name of the new camp: the vineyard is called GEFARA. A great-great grand Millet, surname of the family, had bought and named after the return of a possibly hazardous journey from the coastal region of Libya that still bears this name, so this name should stay.

In the summer of 1958 begins the adventure of camping GEFARA lucky, one of the earliest camps Italy and then of Lake Como.

Between hopes and disappointments, hopes and satisfactions, our dreams slowly come true.
Between summer and one of our project takes concrete form: the tourists come and the year after they return, often with other families of relatives and friends. For German tourists plus some Belgian and the Dutch, later came the Swiss, Austrians, French. Towards the '70s, with the advent of the caravan, add just the Italians who love the curtains. Now, through the Internet, customers have increasingly different nationalities in the world. Our camping pleasure, our region attracts and arouses interest.

In the plain of Domaso are other camps. The work is very intense in the summer months, but the atmosphere is carefree and relaxing.
You create groups of friends who overcome their differences warfare. We organize games and competitions, lunches and dinners banner of brotherhood. At the end of the holiday leaves us with regret, but with the intention of returning the next year. Even today, after 50 years, we have grandchildren and great grandchildren of customers who return time. Any loss of a friend is suffered by all because it leaves the heart yearning for unforgettable moments that may not happen again.
I think that the beginning of the concept of globalization, WE ARE ALL EQUAL, the universal concept that the value of everyone's individuality lies in personnel, both born in a camp.
Each year the proceeds will be invested to improve the economic accommodation and there is always too much work for the winter.

In 1962, in addition to the old farmhouse, built a new home is accommodating a new set of toilets, some rooms for rent, use a dining restaurant and a small apartment for my brother, the well-known and gregarious Uncle Emilio, he is getting married in June 1963 with the highly acclaimed and beloved Aunt Laura. Organizing Laura helps gifted and efficient management of the camp, my parents until the 1977 season.

I leave this business in 1966, year of birth of my first son, Paolo Manfredi. In 1970 my second son was born Franco Manfredi (the current manager since 2007) and only after a few years I can occasionally help up to the total takeover in 1978.

Meanwhile continuously carry the best. After the new house is built around the old farmhouse, the current bar with lounge for use by a restaurant. The campground offers a grocery store and cooking service ready: the seasons are short but exhausting, but the accounting is very simple.

Meanwhile, the screws that form the pergolas suffer the presence of tourists, can not be sprayed and begin to die. In 1968 he began to build the first three bungalows, then gradually up to 1974 the pergolas are being replaced by another 18 bungalows. They are prefabricated simple and basic, in need of constant maintenance, but are much appreciated by tourists who do not like life in tents.
The changes follow one another almost imperceptibly: the electric and water safer and more modern, more sanitary toilets, new trees for shading, new land for the land with grass, new avenues for material eroded by rain, new gravel and sand for beach. Originally, the beach was a strip of coastal swamp of mud and stones rounded and smoothed by time, with frogs, toads, dragonflies and mosquitoes, aquatic plants and algae for the sake of tourist reception is gradually being reclaimed.

Customers look at and appreciate. After the '70s, as above mentioned, the Italians discovered the virtues of outdoor life. Some feel the uncomfortable but fascinating life in tents. Many rent for short periods of our bungalows. Gradually, Italians and not buy the first caravans, great tourist novelty of the concept of mobile home. By this means they can go on holiday at low cost, may move from one place to another, they can park it for the rest of the year at a camp not far from their residence and use it as a second home to spend your free time immersed in the green and the peace of nature.

Within a decade, we are about in 1985, a number of caravans became sedentary. For our camp there has been a gradual diversification of the mode of reception of our clients are still valid: we offer free places for tourists, accommodation in bungalows for tourists that do not have their own means of subsistence and host caravan park all year.
Seasonal work is prolonged.



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