Years 50-60

Our Lake Como or Lario has always aroused the interest of nature lovers for the most noble, aristocrats, but also writers who have praised in several essays several times. This creates the preconditions for the consolidation of a tourist destination suitable to the reception of those who might be interested in our climate, our winds, our water, our mountains, our scenario of rare beauty.

We are in the years 1955-1960. Member of Western Europe, freed from the tragedy of World War II, they want to forget. In all snakes the desire to start over, to rebuild, to achieve and progress. The more enterprising are interested in the progressive industrialization or seeking new ways to meet the needs of the times are changing. You work, you begin to earn and that Domaso here is starting to get some German tourists. Among the comments of residents who surprised them look like they were gypsies, mount their tents, yet primitive but already comfortable in a fallow field near the Municipal mouth of the river that still bears the signs of a disastrous flood in 1951. In a few short years, the increasing tendency of the Germans.

On the same land at the lake, stands a building erected during the fascist period for the recreation of youth (the "solar field") and the administration put to the Municipal Youth Hostel (still functioning) and decides to regulate the receptive field : create a fence, some bathroom with shower, requires a modest price and appoint a manager. My mother, with the help of the whole family took the job and we two children (Ida and Emilio of 15 to 19 years) spend the summer of 1957 to the municipal camping when our parents, the mythical and grumpy father Franco and hard worker and good mother Dina and continue their difficult but very profitable undertaking: at night, often in defiance of the weather of the time, fishing and rowing boat and nets during the day, having tidied up and repaired the equipment used, farmers . Work in the vineyard inherited from his grandfather, a beautiful and lush vineyard situated right on the lake in the middle of the alluvial plain of Domaso composed of three long pergolas of vine, the open-grown, home farm for farm animals.

The following autumn, after thinking and thinking, requests for advice and discussion, the couple say the least risky and big decision: our vineyard will be transformed into a campground. They sold the cow and calf, killed hogs and rabbits, paved the magnificent garden and all land hitherto cultivated and culled some fruit trees. Are transformed, as economically as possible, stable, barn and tool shed in the kitchen and a small inn accommodation on the ground floor and two bedrooms for the family-style barracks with a small toilet on the first floor. Around the lake are constructed of comfortable separate toilet for women and men. It is a well drilled with a tubular steel pipe (still in use) 20 meter deep water needed for production and is carried by the highway lines for electricity. The three pergolas that protrude from the house toward the lake tends to provide shade on hot summer days.



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